Ryan Snook
Ryan Snook Alias: Gryphon, Snookrc, Blackjack
Location: Everett, WA
Birthday: 1974-07-17
Status: Married

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My hobbies include gaming and web development with a focus on the following technologies; HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, XML, SmartFTP, Subversion, Paint Shop Pro, 7-Zip, PuTTY, UltraEdit, Paint.NET, Chrome

Some of my website projects include, the site you are viewing, Allied Tribal Forces which I developed individual elements of the site as full vBulletin plugins, Cosmos UI also developed with individual elements of the site as full vBulletin plugins, PlanetSide Universe did much of the current design and recode of features for v3 of the site, The Hounds of Zeus I developed the portal fully with web based administration of content which Clan Draconus Lupus is also using for their clan portal, and Corvallis Station and North Albany Village two sites done for hire.

Other notable projects I work on, PlanetTribes as admin and web developer, PlanetSide Shuttle as news poster and forum admin, Wowhead as moderator, Thottbot as moderator, TeamSpeak as moderator, WoWWiki as admin, and Xbox as a Xbox Community Developer Program member.

Visit Gryphon, LLC for other projects and website work I have done.


Public Scripts:

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  WoW Database Search iGoogle Module
  WoW Addon Search iGoogle Module

 World of Warcraft
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